Project Details

“The Last Romantic War: A Blind Date with History” is a personal memoir by Anthony Gianunzio that recounts his experiences during World War II. His story-telling is described as “a true ambiance of heart-warming (and wrenching) moments in the chaotic entirety of that war. Vignettes, profiles, documents, humor, and authentic dialogue make you feel a shipmate of this young gunner’s mate on the frigate U.S.S. Machias on duty in the Pacific.”

Working on the project team, Courtney designed the cover of the book, “The Last Romantic War,” as well as assets to promote the book, including an author sheet and poster design. The book was edited and published by Black Lake Press and the branding of the book was done through Black Lake Studio.

Projects: Book Cover Design, Author Sheet, Poster Design

  • Design Services: Courtney Van De Burg
  • Lead Marketing Firm: Black Lake Studio