Project Details

After working in nearly every aspect of the roofing and construction industry, Jeff Mullins and J. Costen identified several gaps in the way products are represented and sold. As a driving force, this lead them to establish the manufacturers’ representative firm, J2 Sales Solutions, in 2014, where they now represent a variety of construction products, including those used in roofing, solar, high performance coatings, and custom vegetative roofing segments.

Jeff and J. serve their clients as trusted resources in the industry as they view their role as so much more than simply providing product information when needed. Instead, they proactively seek opportunities to train and educate their clients at each stage of the distribution chain and serve as advocates for both their clients and their manufacturers throughout the entire sales process.

They came to Lynx Imaging to help the get their new venture off the ground. The project began with naming strategies and initial brand development. Additional projects included the logo design, stationery and web design, including copy editing for the site.

Projects: Brand Development, Logo Design, Stationery, Web Design, Copy editing

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  • Design Services: Courtney Van De Burg
  • Website Development: Lynx Imaging, Charles Runyan
  • Lead Marketing Firm: Lynx Imaging