About Us


Lynx Imaging is a full-service marketing design and communications firm, focused on helping start-ups and small businesses define their brand and create compelling visual assets that accurately represent that brand. We offer a full spectrum of services from concept to delivery and are committed to exceeding your expectations using a team of high level professionals, strategic planning, creative excellence and superior customer service.

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Lynx Imaging was started with small businesses in mind and a desire to help you better compete in the marketplace. We believe that good design is key in creating a good first impression, but good design can only get you so far. Visual assets, whether they be printed or online, need to have a purpose that is rooted in a well-defined brand. Since our inception, we have focused on helping small businesses like you define who you are and where you want to go, then create projects that depict your brand clearly, according to your needs and budget.




Branding is an important aspect of every business, regardless of size. It can be ambiguous, developing in the minds of your customers through their experiences with your business, products, and services. Investing in the clear definition of who you are and where you are headed helps guide both the development of your brand and the growth of your business. Our passion lies in helping small businesses define their brand and integrating that message through every visual asset of your company and every channel you use to engage with your customers.




A lynx is known for good hearing, thoughtful actions and its ability to thrive in various environments, which sums up Lynx Imaging. To achieve success, we understand it’s necessary for our team to listen to you to hear what your needs are and the goals you want to achieve. We start every project by getting to know you and helping you define your brand so it can be incorporated through every created piece, giving you the greatest value possible. We are also flexible in how we work and how we bill to suit your needs and level of support you desire.


As a small business ourselves, we understand your needs and position. As such, we are not flashy and do not try to sell you more than what you need. We simply focus on the basics and on creating projects that clearly represent you. We also understand that just as our clients cannot be all things to all people, we cannot be all things to you. Instead, we focus on our strengths in-house and rely on established partner relationships to provide the rest. Our collaborative team gives you an agency experience with access to a high level of professionals in all areas.

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